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2020 Covid Free Training Season In The Books

Having begun at the end of May, the 2020 PICTFC training season has officially come to an end August 7th, 2020 without any incidence or trouble from covid-19.

Covid-19 shook up the world and amateur youth sports with multiple cancellations across the board. Although the Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) continued their local, regional and national Jr. Olympic championship process, the USATF choose to cancel most if not all of its youth sports activities for 2020 including all of its outdoor championships and Jr. Olympic Championship series. Because of that, the PICTFC was relegated to a training only season, which was a very great benefit to its members. While we may not know exactly what the future is, for sure this will shake out and hopefully soon track & field, and all sports activity around the country will be back on track in a safe and satisfying manner. Congratulations to all the PICTF athletes for a dynamic training session, Stay safe, continue to work hard, and we look forward to next year and beyond!

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