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Football & Basketball Coaches


Athletes with speed, quickness and agility are essential to the success of any athletic program.  As coaches we know that each or these areas, speed, quickness, and agility, are unique and no one exercise covers all areas. Thankfully these winning elements of performance can be developed in each and every athlete you coach. This is why we feel that if you are a football athlete or coach, or a basketball athlete or coach, or a coach or athlete of any other sport, that a relationship with the PICTFC is essential for you and your team. 


With our rapidly developing scientific approach to speed, agility and quickness development, your athlete will learn:


  • How to improve speed (both in line and laterally)

  • How to improve agility

  • How to improve or develop quickness

  • How to enhance stamina

  • How to build and maintain core strength

  • How to use a proper warm up to improve performance and avoid injury

  • How to reinforce muscular and joint health with diet


If you are a coach that needs improved speed in your athletes at certain positions or if you want a program that will effectively improve overall team speed for multiple athletes, then call or email PICTFC today for special pricing to meet your team needs.


If you are an individual athlete that desires to improve both speed, agility, and quickness, call or email PICTFC for special pricing designed to meet your personal needs and goals.  

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