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The PICTFC solicits sponsors to help support us as a team. We believe that the PICTFC is an excellent place to help change the lives, opportunities and horizons of young people all over Peoria.  We highly encourage you and your business to be involved. 

Donations and sponsorship dollars will be used to meet or offset the following costs and expenditures:

  • Uniform Costs

  • Equipment Costs

  • Travel Expenditures

  • Participant Event Licensing Fees & Registrations

Sponsor Options:

There are many ways to contribute to the team and to be of service to our youth athletes right away. Some methods of contribution include:

1- One Time Donation*

2- Annual or Ongoing Regular Contributions*

3- Simply delivering supplies such as water, and power snacks

4- Extending a discount for services to our athletes such as discounted athletic club memberships etc. 


*Corporate or business sponsorships exceeding certain outlined levels will be extended the opportunity to have corporate logo placed on uniform. 


Please click the "Become A Sponsor Donate Today" button to make a cash contribution today. Email us at Dunamis1@netzero.com to find out how to partnership with us through the service thatr you provide. 


* Please consult your tax advisor for the deductibility of any contributions or donations made to the PIFTFC.