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PICTFC Member Garrett Kern Signs With Butler University

Outstanding PICTFC member athlete Garrett Kern of Morton High School signed his letter of intent with Butler University.

Garrett, and honors student, and Elite athlete, is one of the Illinois top 110M High hurdlers. Ranked in the top 10 in Class 2A, and in the top 15 all classes considered, has managed to continually lower his top times in 2017 topping a personal best of 14.91, with a new recent, personal best of 14.82. Garrett is preparing himself for the final push for the IHSA Class 2A Championships later in May.

Garrett credits his parents, coaches and what he has learned training within the PICTFC as big parts of current success. We credit Garrett and his dynamic attitude and dedication to not only track and field athletics, but to family, friends and solid moral values as the impetus of his success. All we know is that Butler University's stock in the hurdles and their potential ability to be an impact in the Big East conference has exponentially increased with Garrett's recruitment and participation with the team. Garrett also plans to major in Finance. We look forward to the future. GO GARRETT!!! See Garrett's 14.82a performance HERE

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