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PICTFC Summer Season 2021 Is ON After IHSA Announcement

The IHSA recently cleared the way for Summer 2021 Club Track & Field activities by allowing athletes to compete both at the club and high school level simultaneously. "Sports competing in the IHSA’s 2021 summer season (baseball, softball, track & field, girls soccer, boys volleyball, lacrosse, boys tennis) will be granted the accommodation to participate simultaneously on school teams and non-school teams beginning on June 4. The summer season is slated to run from April 19 to June 26. “Given the unique challenges of this school year, it remains important for our Board to be flexible and creative in seeking participation opportunities for students,” said IHSA Board Vice-President Robert Nolting, the Principal at Andrew High School in Tinley Park. “From my perspective, I am less worried about teams competing for conference or postseason titles this year. The goal is to get kids back being active to benefit their mental and physical well-being. These (independent team) by-laws aim to preserve competitive equity, but for this school year, we feel the right decision is to provide an accommodation that maximizes participation.” ~ IHSA Board Announcement

This exciting news and will allow athletes to compete in at least 2 and possibly 3 state championships through both High School competition (IHSA), and USATF and AAU Jr. Olympic track & field competition, with a primary focus of getting youth athletes back to participating in the sport. Peoria Inner CIty Track Club, which competes in the USATF circuit, is OPEN for registrations and all interested athletes can join the club online at our SportsEngine Sponsored Registration Center. Detail of what events the club will be participating in is forthcoming. Look forward to seeing you soon! Coach H. Burnett

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