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Advanced Training Creates Better Athletes

Athough covid 19 has been devestating for millions all around the world, and has had no less effect on life, economy and nearly everything we do, one of the good things is that we have had time to dive deeper into coaching training and development. Beginning Jan. 17-18, I had the opportunity to participate in the Central Illinois Track & Field Coaches Clinic sponsored by Unity High School's Tim Gateley, and Tony Reetz, Patrick Striegel, Kara Leaman. The featured speaker was the renowned Plainfield North HS Track & Field Head Coach Tony Holler who presented his popular but controversial version of Speed Reserve training known as "Feed The Cats". In addition, to some dynamic seminars, sports physiology took ceter place introducing the world of complete athlete development and maintenance, to help coaches become more effective in dealing with, training and assisting youth athletes. There was certainly enough information here for any coach to build a stong and sizeable foundation for a HS or collegiate track & Field program but, it gets better...

On May 23rd, I was treated to a tantilizing debate on 400M Sprint training and more specifically Speed Reserve training ( Tony Holler's Feed The Cats) vs. Coach Ryan Banta's Critical Mass System. Once again, this was a tantilizing debate offering much information on the most effective way to maximize athlete development with 2 great coaching minds, with proven successes, discussing details and flaws with vaious methods of training including examinig one another's methodologies. Although this was slightly less formal, it was no less intense and the content was off the charts and will be a significant resource that I will turn to and embrace for years to come.

Then on May 4th through 7th I was able to attend the Advanced Concepts in Speed Power & Strength coaches seminar and training led by the legendary coach BOO SCHEXNAYDER. Coach Boo has to be one of the most highly sought after sports seminarians in the country. We were able to get in this training to learn and reafirm, in many cases, concepts on speed, strength training, and how both can either work together or inhibit one another. The 4 day and multiaceted discussion was one of THE best ever in this covid year.

If all that weren't enough, June 22nd through 26th I was fortunate enough to gain a sponsorship to the ALTIS "1,000 Coaches For Change" multi sports seminar centered around training and development of athletes in multiple sports and disciplines with a particular focus on speed. This program was so pupular that over 1,400 coaches attended from all around the world and from nearly every sports discipline. For me and many, the highlight was Day 1 in which we were treated to a seminar entitled "Acceleration & Speed KPI's for Team Sports" by legendary coach Dan Pfaff. This was the most extensive and far reaching seminar and event to date in not only sports, but track & field in particular.

These seminars were not only "things" to do...they contained turn-key and program changing information that the athletes of Peoria Inner City Track Club will be introduced to and implement in their training to help make them the best athletes they can possibly be.

I can't speak for what anyone else does to bring quality to our youth, but I can speak to the fact that we TEACH these concepts and others which we have developed over the years and champions are yet being created at nearly every level. Athletes are performing at higher levels and having more success in real time, and much of this is solely becuase they have been exposed to modern techniquest of athletic development that not only increases effecency of performance, but also reduces and in many cases eliminate injury. These are benefits that cannot be overlooked.

This is the goal and mission of PICTFC, to bring the absolute best track & field teaching, training and development to Central Illinois, and every session proves we are dedicated to and on point with that mission.

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