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New Athlete Registration Process For 2021

The PICTFC is proud to announce a new process for 2021 and beyond club member registrations. Powered by SportsEngine, the new member registration process designed to allow members and prospective members to enter all necessary information into one place as well as submit payments online through a secured payment portal.

Instead of having to submit medical information seperately from registration information, and make payments by clicking yet another link, now individuals can simply open a page, complete all information and follow the links on through to payment which includes an automatic discount for multiple family member athlete registrations.

Registration is now OPEN 24/7, and can be done through the Peoria Inner City Club Website by clicking HERE or through our SportsEngine Page by clicking HERE. Prices for 2021 Registration is just $75.00per individual which includes Outdoor training for the 2021 Season, special training for the end of year 2020 and special prep training for Indoor Season 2021 (provided that the State of Illinois allows an Indoor season this year) making PICTFC Registration pricing the absolute best deal in the area in track & field athletic training and development especially when the level of training and proven results of athletes is considered. Manual registration process is still and option and athletes and families are always welcome to register in person. Further details regarding this can be found HERE

We look forward to seeing you and your youth athlete soon.

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